The Support Zone

We have been assisting and supporting businesses and individuals for many years.

The Support Zone consists of zones, all accessible from a centralised portal, to request, manage and track different types of work, supporting you and your business.

We understand the specific requirements of small businesses, i.e. the need for speed and low cost. Like with most things, we sometimes have to be a little bit ingenious in finding the right solutions and we have access to specialists when we’re not able to instantly solve the problem

By additional support to companies, we provide:

  • Extra time to get work done
  • The ability to be ahead of the game by using outside normal work time hours
  • Extra capacity on tap when you need it
  • An additional skill base
  • R&D capability

We operate a remote, confidential and anonymous service from this site, www.thesupport.zone

Hello Telecom

Hello Telecom is run by a highly experienced management team who each has over 20 years experience within the communications industry.

Hello Telecom offers a complete set of communications solutions including calls and lines, data connectivity (broadband, EFM & leased circuits), hosted telephony (IP Centrex), SIP trunks, call recording and bespoke network solutions.

Hello Telecom has developed it’s own carrier grade cloud based communications platform called Contrex. The platform has a resilient architecture, is hosted in secure high quality data centres and is interconnected with a number of tier 1 carriers. The platform allows Hello Telecom to deliver a variety of value added services to its customers.

Hello Telecom works with a number partners to deliver its services, including tier 1 carriers, such as BT and Vodafone, network providers, such Redcentric and Exponential-e and high quality hardware vendors, including SNOM and Polycom. All of our partners are selected for the quality of their service and support as well as the commercial competitiveness of their offerings.

Corporate Details
Hello Telecom (UK) plc is registered in England No.4489059. Our registered office and trading address is 19 Musters Road, Nottingham NG2 7PP.

Hello Telecom has been successfully trading since 2002, is profitable and financially secure.


Exec Software

Our unique platform seamlessly combines MRP, Accounting and CRM capabilities for world beating Technology and Consultancy.

Our UK based, secure and robust platform has its own dedicated windows app as the key user interface to our enterprise platform.


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