Software for college salons

Salon Exec is the all-in-one Windows App system designed specifically for college salons. It helps run your college salon, from the tutors, the students, to the sessions. The college version of Salon Exec differs from the standard Salon Exec because the booking engine intelligently manages the bookings based on the class level, tutor, and treatments.

Course levels and tutors

The college version of Salon Exec manages the different levels of classes for your technicians. It auto-assigns the tutors who are qualified to teach the session.

Facilities and students

Facilities and technicians sync together and with our intelligent auto-assign feature, both the facilities and technicians are automatically assigned together.


The college version of Salon Exec helps to manage your classes with sessions based on the course level, the tutor, technicians and treatments.

Equip your college salon with the most advanced salon software system on the market, specifically for colleges. With additional features not found on typical salon systems such as course levels, tutors, sessions, and student technicians, you can seamlessly manage your college salon at the click of a button.

Connect any time, anywhere.

Salon Exec hosts your data on the cloud so you have access to it anywhere in the world. Your data is secure, safe and fully backed-up with an industry leading hosting provider.

As part of Salon Exec, your salon software includes hosting and security so your system is fully secure and backed-up. Technical support is available should you require any assistance and your system is automatically upgraded to the latest version at no extra charge.

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