Setup & Support

Setup & Support

Salon Exec wants you to build your very own success story with our help and support.

Our business knows all about growth, scale and support, after all, our software and teams help run multi-million pound businesses. Whether you just want the freedom to be self-employed or if you want to build an empire – be assured, we can support you every step of the way.


Setting up a new system or a business can take a lot, this is why Salon Exec provides so much.

As standard, our GO package includes 1 x 1 hour and 2 x 30 mins remote setup sessions from our support team. Helping you to set up your business on our software as well as familiarise yourself. We provide a ready-made website, you can select from one of our web design templates and our team will purchase an available domain of your choice, with modified text and images to suit. Once our IT support team has set up your domain and website, we’ll add Google analytics, web chat, and social media accounts, as well as set up your business email accounts, phone number, and Salon Place listing. We’ll also provide software that can help run your business that includes accounts, a booking system, and CRM. This is all rounded off with our high-quality business stationery templates modified with your details.

Ongoing Support

Salon Exec will answer your phone, take, record and pass on messages, provide the same for webchats (when potential clients land on your webpages). If required, we will take bookings over the phone as part of phone answering and appointments to your business software. You will have ongoing remote IT support, hosting of your website and phone system, access to the online training portal with resources from our mentors as well as access to your consultant and a wider consultant network if required.

View the other pages for further details.

Optional Consultants

In addition to our software, support services, start-up solutions and online training portal, we have a huge network of experienced business consultants throughout the country. Having a trusted and knowledgeable key individual to turn to, especially in the early stages of a business where help and support is needed the most, can give you an even better chance of success. More details are in the Business Extra – In-Business menu.

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