Training Academy

Training Academy

Do you want to be a really successful business owner?

Then you’ve come to the right place as the Salon Exec support package includes access to an online Training Academy!

Our Training Academy trainer is Simon Harris (more details below), who has created a whole series of online video courses and materials that are made available in the online portal. In addition, Simon will post webinars, blogs and videos on a regular basis, details are all in the Training Portal login.

This list gives an idea about the online training courses which features a huge range of relevant topics. The vast majority of these tips and techniques work equally well whether used for yourself as well as with any staff you may have.

  • Setting targets for your staff and salons
  • Introducing Key Performance Indicators
  • Manage staff performance which will dramatically improve their takings
  • How to get your team to upsell to every client using the Ultimate Consultation system
  • Create a pay structure which rewards and motivates your top performers-and makes you more money
  • Setting a price structure to ensure increased profit
  • Being a supercharged manager
  • Understanding staff motivation
  • Managing staff absence
  • Setting and implementing minimum job standards and producing a salon handbook
  • Developing an ‘in-house’ training programme

Knowledge Wiki

Within the Training Academy is the Knowledge Wiki, an online forum where members can share problems, find answers and be inspired by others in a similar position.

Simon Harris

“I am an experienced coach and adviser to SMEs, specialising in the Hair and Beauty Industry.

I’ve been in the industry for over 41 years, owning and running a group of 16 salons with over 250 staff.  In 2015, I decided to go into full-time coaching and consultancy to help support other salon owners and managers to run successful and profitable businesses.

My particular areas of expertise are: increasing profit, pricing, pay structures, and putting together bespoke training programmes which dramatically accelerate the progress of young stylists

I still work on the salon floor one day a week, so my knowledge is relevant to everyone in the industry.”


I just wanted to write something about the time we at KENNADYS have spent working with Simon. We were a very busy salon anyway but felt someone on the outside of our business looking in may be able to help us.

Simon has introduced what for us were some fundamental changes to our budgeting, targets and staff remuneration. He has also worked closely with our salon manager Emma who has benefitted enormously.

With a lot of Simon’s other systems in place, we are beginning to see some quite astonishing results in turnover, rebooking and most importantly staff morale and engagement within the business.

I know that most of these improvements are largely down to the systems and approach we now have adopted as a direct result of working with Simon.

Ken Eastwood, Kennadys Ingatestone, Essex

With a wealth of industry experts available in salon growth the challenge is selecting the perfect advisor. This challenge made more difficult with limited time available to attend several day courses, or thousands of pounds available to invest into advisors.

If this is your challenge too I have found the answer, Simon Harris!!

Straight to the areas that matter, without fuss or complicating what’s required. Simple straight forward advise that makes real meaningful difference.

John Roads, Gatsby & Miller, Amersham

The biggest financial investment we have made with regards to business coaching and training and boy are we glad we did! Best move ever was to work Simon Harris, we are half way through our coaching and slowly but surely are seeing a turnaround in many different areas of our businesses. Our staff are motivated and enthusiastic to the changes being implemented and We can’t recommend his services enough!! As salon owners we cannot express enough what an impact this is having for us!! Would highly recommend time and time again thank you Simon.

Sharon Cook  Hair Studio, Hadleigh and Leigh, Essex

Working with Simon has been fantastic; our team are more focused and motivated which is reflected in a significant increased salon turnover.

Kevin Franks, Novo Salons Hockley and Southend

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